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Heat Tape XGR - Extreme Roof & Gutter

By Radiant Solutions Company

$ 202.95
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Self-Regulating Ice Dam Heat Tape

The Extreme Gutter and Roof (XGR) Series cable is a favorite with professional installers around the country due to it’s industrial-grade, injection molded cable terminations. Heat Tape Pro XGR cables generate more heat than standard Heat Tape Pro to provide extra protection against ice dams and frozen pipes in the most extreme environments, while remaining extremely low risk for overheating.

Heat Tape XGR: A More Powerful Self-Regulating Heat Tape for Ice Dams

Heat Tape XGR is designed for residential and commercial ice dam prevention in gutters an rooflines. These self-regulating cables variably draw power they need to do their job, and XGR unlocks more top-end power over our standard self-regulating heat tape. Heat tape XGR is also perfect for gutter de-icing and pipe heat tracing applications. Heat Tape XGR plug-in ice dam cables are suitable for various roofing. Factory assembled with a standard three-prong plug, each cable can simply connect to any grounded 120V receptacle. Also, unlike cheap ice dam prevention heat tape, our cables can be overlapped across itself without risk of overheating and/or burnout.

  • Contractor-Grade self-regulating cable that adjusts heat output according to surrounding outdoor temperatures
  • Produces 7 watts per foot (at 50ºF) and up to 13 watts per foot (at 32ºF) when in snow and ice.
  • Suitable for gutter de-icing and ice dam prevention applications on shingle, metal, plastic, tar, wood and synthetic roofs and metal or plastic pipes up to 6″.
  • 10-foot unheated power cord length that plugs into standard 120V receptacle (this lead length is in addition to the rated length of your cable, i.e.: a 100ft heat tape has an actual length of 100ft+10ft but only the 100 feet is heated)
  • Illuminated plug so you can see when it’s running
  • UL listed
  • 10-year manufacturer’s warranty
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