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Brand Raychem

The Raychem brand is synonymous with self-regulating electric heat trace cables and components for industrial, commercial, and residential applications.

In 1973, Raychem developed the first self-regulating electric heat trace cable. Self-regulating heating cables were a revolution then and remain unique today because they automatically adjust their power output to compensate for pipe temperature changes. They are also cut-to-length and can be terminated or extended on the job site, making them easy to design with, install and maintain.

Born from a culture of quality and innovation, Raychem heating cables became and remain the industry standard in electric heat tracing. With heating cables and components engineered for a wide variety of applications and environments, Raychem products continue to be recognized as the finest in the world. Perhaps the fact that Pentair Thermal Management manufactured their one billionth foot of Raychem self-regulating cable in 2008 best exemplifies the quality and benefits of Raychem as perceived by the marketplace.
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