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GripClip Heat Tape Cable Clip - Black Anodized 25/pack

By Radiant Solutions Company

$ 44.95
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25 GripClips per package!

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NO Tools, NO Nails Needed!

GripClips™ are the preferred heat cable clip for installations on shingle roofs. Installations require NO tools and that NO nails need to be driven into the roof, greatly decreasing installation time while also reducing the potential liability associated with with using traditional nail-on clips. Grip Clips allow heat cables to be placed near the center of the valley, which is impossible with nail-on roof clips due to nailing requirements. Additionally, Grip Clips can be easily repositioned or removed in the future if desired without damaging the roofing materials by simply bending up the top arms of the clip. 

Uses: The Grip Clip can be used to install both self-regulating and constant wattage heat cable on shingle roofs on areas both with and without gutters. Grip Clips are available in robust .050 black anodized aluminum or .050 mill finish aluminum.

  • 25 GripClips per package
  • No Tools Required to Install
  • Made of weather resistant high-quality aluminum
  • Available in 2 colors: Black or Natural aluminum
  • Requires less clips in most configurations
  • Also good for Securing Christmas lights



  1. To establish your Grip Clip locations, think through the best path for your cable pattern, factoring in variables such as downspout and power source locations. Some installers use chalk to mark out clip locations prior to installation to ensure proper spacing.
  2. Grip Clips can usually be installed by simply pushing the clip up onto the end of the asphalt shingle. If the adhesive strip between the asphalt shingles is quite bonded use a putty knife to break the glue strip bond where you intend to insert your Grip Clip.
  3. After the Grip Clip is pushed into position and is engaged into the asphalt shingle, lay the heat cable into the cradle area of the clip, and use your fingers to pinch the top half of the cradle down onto the cable.


Installation & Operation Manuals
GripClip Installation (PDF)



Ho. Ho. Ho. Do you install holiday lighting? Have you ever used those crappy, cheap, plastic clips to hold holiday string lights on your home? They last just one season if you are lucky. Install Christmas lights along your roofline with Grip Clip roof clips. The Grip Clip's all aluminum construction will provide you with many years of frustration free use. Easy 3-step "Push, Place and Pinch" installation makes quick work of your holiday lighting preparations. Designed in the USA and made from aluminum, Grip Clips will stand-up to years of harsh UV rays and unforgiving weather. 

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