Ice Dam Prevention Products  

Heat Cable By The Foot

Ice Dam Heat Cable

Weather-Ready™ Self-Regulating Heat Cables

Nuheat Weather-Ready™ Self-Regulating Heat Trace Cables are designed for commercial and residential (non-hazardous) roof and gutter ice control and ice dam prevention. It can also be used for pipe heat tracing applications.

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BriskHeat™ Self-Regulating Heat Cable

BriskHeat™ Self-Regulating Ice Dam Heat Cable

Self-Regulating Ice Dam Heat Cable, 8 watts/ft, 120 volts - Sold by the foot. Minimum quantity is 50ft. Use this heat tape to prevent or control ice formations on roofs and in gutters. Can also be used to protect pipes from freezing. Sold by the foot.

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King Self-Regulating Heating Cable

King Self-Regulating Heating Cable is designed for commercial and industrial ice dam prevention and pipe trace applications.

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