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Heat Cable End-Seal Kit 2-Pack

By Radiant Solutions Company

$ 12.95
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The Ice Dam Company's End Seal Kit 2-Pack provides a weather proof seal at the end of a cable. Ice Dam Company self-regulating heating cables are designed for a variety of pipe freeze protection as well as roof and gutter deicing applications. The heat output (wattage) increases and decreases based on the temperature, so the cable adjusts automatically to varying climate conditions. This unique feature ensures maximum energy efficiency by increasing the heat output only when it is needed. No thermostat is required.


Seal open ends of your Ice Dam Heat Cable by-the-Foot with this kit. Includes all necessary components to protect and provide a weather proof seal at the end of two de-icing heat cables.




    PDF files with installation instruction.

    Ice Dam Company Heat Shrink End Seal Kit Installation [PDF]



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